Actbulb is a multi-functional device for applications using computational sensing and data analysis. (under development)


Actbulb fits in any light socket. You can easily install this device in a variety of height and angle using existing lighting facilities. It can connect to the Internet of LAN using Wi-Fi.


Actbulb can be used as a network camera and microphone. In addition, Actbulb can obtain useful information by analyzing their data. We plan to implement algorithms of depth sensing, facial recognition, estimation of breathing and heart rate and so on. More algorithms will be available by online software updates.


Actbulb can be used for various applications: combinations with VR/AR devices, flow line analysis, monitoring services, collecting data and so on.


Idein Inc. loves open source culture. Actbulb adopts Raspberry Pi Compute Module. You can develop applications with familir environments with our Web API & SDK. Start your project with Actbulb!